CERR 2024

Instructions for presenters and session chairs

Download the instructions here.

Programme: Please be sure to check the programme for the time and location of your presentation. The programme will be available here.

Timing of sessions: Paper presentations will take place during three parallel sessions. Each session features three papers and each paper is given a maximum of 20 minutes time for presentation and 20 minutes of discussion. The Session Chair will act as timekeeper.

Expectations and Feedback: Each presenter and the session chair is required to have read the extended abstracts of the other presenters in their session. Each delegate will be provided with a physical and a soft copy at the event. Presenters should to stay for the duration of their session to contribute to the discussion and as a courtesy to other presenters in the session.

Further, each presenter as well as the session chair is required to provide feedback covering the following points:

  • Strength of the presented research
  • Weakness of the presented research
  • Suggestion to improve the research presented

Feedback forms will be available in each room and the reception desk and should be given to the presenter at the end of the session.

Presentation equipment: Presenters are encouraged to use their laptops connected to the Wi-Fi network of the University. They will then be able to hook up to the Teams session where they are scheduled to present. Please bring your power cable and connector for British power sockets (AC is 240V).

Please take the time to find the room where you will be presenting and arrive in time to be able to load your presentation and check all is working as expected. Please bring a copy of your presentation on a USB flash drive and make sure that is it compatible with a Windows operating system. It will be the responsibility of each presenter to load their presentation on to the laptop in the presentation room. It is important that if you use a platform other than PowerPoint, e.g. Prezi, you must package your presentation so that it will run offline on a Windows based PC.

Technical information: Each presenter on the campus will be provided with a Wi-Fi login and password so that they can connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Images, movies and video files: If your presentation contains links to video files, it is essential that you bring not only your PowerPoint file, but also your video files. Most video files types (e.g. .MP4, MPEG, .wmv, .AVI, etc.) are accepted. All videos linked to PowerPoint slides must be tested and checked in advance to be sure they will work properly. Please place all audio and movie files linked with the presentation into a single file folder (e.g. when transferring the presentation from your hard disk to removable drives such as USB flash drive or when uploading it). Do not use any passwords or encryption for your files.


Flashanimations and Macros: Please note that flash‐animations and Macros are not supported, so do not use them within your presentation



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