CERR 2023

How to submit an abstract or a full paper

Submitting an abstract or an article for the CERR 2022

Please note that for the CERR to be held in Zagreb in 2022, upload your abstracts and articles through this website.

To do so, you will need to create an account (see at the top right hand side of this page where it says Login), if you do not have an account already. Be aware that if you have participated in previous opportunities to the CERR, the same login and password will work.

Please note that the submission process is now open!

Once logged in, you should see a button <submit your paper>. This is where you will be able to submit your paper in pdf or docx format.

Do not hesitate to contact our host Kristina Peltjak: kpetljak [at] efzg [dot] hr

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