CERR 2024

Special Session I: Paper Development Workshop

Session chair is yet to be defined. If you wish to apply, please send a mail to cerr@sciencesconf.org.

AIM AND TARGET GROUP: CERR’s vision is to inspire and enable a better, more effective and collegiate retail research community in Europe and beyond. In doing so, CERR furthers advances in rigorous research of contemporary retail phenomena that have managerial relevance.

In line with this vision and at the beginning of CERR we offer a CERR paper development workshop to support PhDs and Early Career Researchers (ECRs) who are in the process of drafting a paper for a journal submission. The usual format to present at conferences is very helpful to get general feedback on the topic and methodology, however, we aim to additionally support participants getting very concrete feedback on their written work.

PAPER SUBMISSION: PhDs and ECRs can submit a working paper in the field of retailing for consideration to be accepted for the workshop. These working papers will be reviewed by a panel of established researchers. A limited number of working papers will be selected to be included in the paper development workshop. We aim to create a supportive and friendly atmosphere, so send us your best work, but it’s ok if you feel it’s not perfect (no paper ever is). It is not the idea to submit work that is already under review unless it is rejected and you need some guidance on how to go forward. The initial submission deadline is 15th of May, notification of acceptance will be on the 6th of September.

WORKSHOP FORMAT: Groups of 4-5 will be created consisting of three PhDs/ECRs and one or two mentors. We aim to have one or two developmental sessions running in parallel. The groups will be created/ mentors chosen coherent either topic-wise or with regards to the developmental stage of the paper. All group members, including the PhDs/ECRs are required to have read all the papers to be discussed in the development session. Each session will be 2.5 hours long, so that the group has approx. 45 minutes per paper. The paper development session will end with a panel discussion on common pitfalls in publishing and learnings of the day.








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